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Ceylon Cinnamon

since 1989

Who We Are...


MKS Ceylon Spices is a leading importer and distributor of Ceylon spices based in USA. We distribute pure Ceylon Cinnamon, Ground Cinnamon, Black pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Mace, Cardamom and Coffee to major markets in the world. We have established a firm reputation as a high quality Ceylon spices distributor. 



Furthermore, MKS Ceylon Spices is dedicated to ensure that we cater the needs of our global client base timely, at competitive prices with superior customer service.


What Makes us Different...

MKS Ceylon Spices has the additional advantage of sourcing our spices directly from our partner farms and processing at our partner factories to have direct control over freshness, availability and competitive price. We are a family owned business with a short supply chain to deliver high quality products to our consumers. 


It is believed that the tropical climatic conditions and the soil setting of the southern Sri Lankan belt have directly resulted in the superior quality of the Cinnamon produced here.

We specialize in sourcing the finest Ceylon spices from our partner farms while restoring the aroma, flavor and valuable medicinal properties unique to Sri Lanka.



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